Monday, 3 October 2016


Yeah... I just took a week to talk about my first day of driving on my trip to Burning Man this year.  I did.  That's how .... bad it was. 
I suppose now, we could say "intense", it was intense, but it was just awful.  I remember that from going through it. 

It's funny... on the post where I outlined the horror that was the week leading up to me having to leave, I got this spam comment "Great article, very engaging! I will treasure these tips!" (followed by their link to their whatever site) and it made me laugh.  Dude.... spam dude... you clearly didn't read the article you're spamming, cuz if you had?  Yeah... not an appropriate spam comment at all!  (Sometimes they at least seem to vaguely read the post... sigh)

So, yeah.  That was day one.  (Points back to all of last weeks' posts)

Also.  Somehow it's October.  Go figure.


Jonathan said...

How the hell is it already October? Where did August and September go ?!? It's mad, isn't it.

Jason Langlois said...

Since day one feels like it was a week long stuffed into a 1 day bag, it seems appropriate.

I fear the following days are going to be as stuffed.

Victoria said...

I have NO IDEA Jonathan. Like, seriously... it's October? (You doing inktober at all?)

Trying to wrap my head around that Jason... week long stuffed into a one day bag ;)