Monday, 31 October 2016

Skip And A Jump

It's kind of funny, but I'm starting to feel anxious to get my imaginary past self back home.  Like, I feel like in the re-telling of my Burning Man trip from this year I've now stranded my poor self out there in the desert and I just want to get her home!  Heh.

So, in that vein... I'm fast forwarding through whatever else was of note that week, knowing I can always come back to it, even if it feels somehow disjointed or something that way.  (I also sometimes consider putting labels or tags on my posts, at least on the Burning Man ones so it could/would be easier to read the story all at once kind of thing.  Shrug.)

So yes, I was there for a week, things happened, I felt... odd the whole week.  I never quite got the feeling I thought I'd have and I didn't enjoy feeling like I had to interact with people I didn't know all week. 

But having my own space in a camper van was great, and a lot more comfortable than a tent.  I kept it relatively clean and organized in there, although "clean" is a relative term on the playa.

It was hot (although so far, knock on wood, nothing has been as hot as my first year was (thank goodness!) ) and dusty and oh, right, massive storm on burn night (I'll have to remember to tell you about that) and I stayed in a camp for the first time, and I didn't get out to see the big art on playa really, and I actuall didn't see much art at all really.... but I got there and I did that drive myself and I went to Burning Man all by myself.  Who knew?

PS  Happy Halloween n stuff.


Jason Langlois said...

I knew. I mean, I knew you could make it there and you could do it all by yourself (with the support of remote folks). You're capable, intelligent, strong and underestimate yourself.

I just wish it didn't involve all the crap. That part I didn't know.

Victoria said...

Thank you...