Wednesday, 2 November 2016

First Stretch... Actually Leaving

Monday night, I tried to pack as much as I could but I figured I still had about an hour of shuffling to do in the morning before I could leave (bedding away, bike in, stuff off of front seats and secured on now folded away bed area, dressed for trip, bathroom, maybe some food, etc.) and I wanted to be up and off as early as possible so I tucked myself in and went to bed Monday night, rather than heading out and taking one last look at things....trying not to be nervous about the morning.  But come morning, I was nervous.

I was nervous about time... I'd set my alarm for early, but one never knows how the exodus line is going to be... I checked (on twitter, actually) and it seemed short... which made me want to rush.  Damn.  I didn't want to be in a long exodus line because I figured that would use more gas that I didn't have.. so I felt a little panicky about getting out on time now that I knew it was a decently short exit time...

So I sweated and grumbled my way through the final packing, sorting and organizing and just under an hour later, I was pretty much ready to go.  Shit.  Now it might all go to heck... please let her start.

I knew once I was off playa, I wouldn't have cell service for a good few hours, so I texted Jason to let him know I was leaving.  Last communication for a while and all.  I don't think he was up yet, but at least he'd know I was heading out.  I'd reminded him I'd need him over the next few days as my navigator and stress manager again, he had said he knew and would be there for me.  I told him I was really really still very nervous about gas.  (He got back to me before I lost service and told me to stop worrying and that I'd be fine, so I did... try to stop worrying.)

I was really really scared that the van wouldn't start.  Really.  But I took a deep breath, sat myself in the driver's seat and put the keys in the ignition.

And she started!  YES!

I mean... she at least turned over. Which I'd been worried about. She turned over and I did my morning wakeup first start of the day routine with her and kept my foot on the gas extra long... and she died.  Sigh.

No big deal, right?  We know this drill.  She turned over, so it's just a matter of getting her going.

Tried it again... and... stalled again.

It's ok, Jason says it takes three tries. 

Someone else in my camp was awake by this point and came over to give me some hints.  I've totally forgotten what they are now, something about timing of holding the gas pedal down, but it worked and she caught and didn't stall out this time.  (But I was still nervous as bleep)

I thanked the gal and wished her safe journey home and started out on my way... tentatively.... but, she seemed (the van that is) to be fine and steady and so we started to make our way off of the playa... slow but steady, sun not long up, it was a nice, easy, steady drive to the pavement... and then?  On the road, I'd made it, she'd started, I had gone to Burning Man by myself and was now heading home, yay me!


Anonymous said...

glad it all turned out well - one thing that is great with camping type festivals is that there is always people around to help with whatever problem you may encounter

thanks also for your info on the 'playa' - i think we would call that a claypan which sounds terribly mundane in comparison

Jason Langlois said...

This is a bit like a suspense thriller now ("Is this the point where the van doesn't start?" "Is this where the gas runs out?" "Is this where a random cat never seen before leaps out of the shadows for no reason at all?")

Glad you're rolling home at this point in your remembrances.

Victoria said...

Solo roving, "claypan" certainly isn't as exciting to say is it? ;)

So glad to be home already Jason, so glad! :)