Friday, 9 December 2016


I had a dream last night that was more of a nightmare and I'm exhausted today because of it.

Or, perhaps more because of not getting a restful sleep and all.

I don't exactly remember what it was except that I went out to my car (but not my car, you know how it goes) and it was late after work in the parking lot (upper deck of big lot kind of thing) and it was weird because there was a company (floral company?) van parked right next to me and I thought that was odd but shrugged it off and was sitting in my car checking a text before I got going and they (the bad guys) jumped me.  Or one was in my backseat and the other outside.  I think there were guns.

And I forget stuff but then I was hiding in the old building, or not old building but big and empty (cuz it's late after work of course) and hiding from them but trying not to get cornered and I dunno, my brain probably got that from some show I watched or something, but it was so exhausting and tiring and frightening that I woke myself up to get out of the dream/situation.  But then even though I'd woken up, every time I started to fall asleep again I'd end right back up where I'd left off in the dream (like a save point in a video game) so I'd just wake back up again and this seemed to go on and on... I have no idea what I did to stop it, actually, I just know I'm really really tired and wish I could go back to sleep.


Jason Langlois said...

I hope you managed to get some sleep. :(

Victoria said...

Weird dreams of late, but yes, got some this weekend, phew!