Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Oy, My Brain Forgot So I'll Babble Instead

By the time I'd scrolled my way through flickr to find a photo I hadn't used yet, I'd forgotten whatever it was I'd thought to talk about.  Sigh.

So it snowed last week.  Not enough to shut anything down, although some folks took a snow day the second round of white-stuff...

They say it's going to be cold this week, but I'm a little done with weather forecasts.  The last few times they've warned us of a massive event of some kind it hasn't happened.

I suppose that's the way of forecasting and perhaps it's better (for them) to be safe rather than sorry, but I feel like they (Environment Canada) didn't use to be *this* dramatic about things.


As I think I said last week, it was more the ice that was dangerous and difficult last week than the snow.  I actually ended up going and buying regular (thick grain, or whatever it's called) salt to do a corner by my place that no one shoveled, it was that bad.  (And the stores were all out of the "official" salt stuff.)

I'm struggling a lot right now when the days are bad ones.  Using my "light lamp" in the mornings, and on a new supplement (vitamin?  what do we call them?) with my acupuncturist that I think is helping a good amount.

Seems we're mid way through the month that somehow ends this year.  Weird.

Have a good Tuesday, y'all.  Or a good whatever day it is when you're reading this.  Have a good day.


Jason Langlois said...

I picked up FEED and have started reading it.

And then promptly had dreams of the zombie apocolypse... only not particularly stressful ones, so that was a plus.

The books definitely starting well.

Victoria said...

Oh yay!!!! I mean, not the dreams part but that you're giving it a go, yay!