Thursday, 23 February 2017


Last week, the power was out in my building for several hours while the power people did power things.  (I feel like there's a song in there...)

I had a couple of hours at home without power and I noticed the habits I didn't even know I had.

Like, apparently I check my oven (stove) clock whenever I'm in the kitchen.  I only know this because I kept NOT seeing what time it was when I looked.

And my bathroom... I turn on the light every time I go in (well except at night because ugh, darkness good) and I had no idea how dark it is in there without the light on... I mean, that sounds dumb but you know what I mean?

It was also so very nice and quiet and when the electricity popped back on the noise of everything was really really really annoying.  Really.

How noisy is a fridge HOLY SMOKES.

No electricity is such a lovely non-sound.  Why's everything gotta be so buzzy?

Oh!  And, I'd charged my laptop so it'd still have juice but totally forgot that my wifi... needs power.  D'oh!  

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