Monday, 24 April 2017

Aw Crap

It's Monday.  And I haven't written any posts for the week.

Aw crap.

Um... the weather was... weather-y this weekend and um, things happened in the world?

And I did end up making chocolate covered strawberries (and that cheap chocolate tastes a lot better melted and then poured over strawberries!)  I lost a few of the strawberries to mold.  I rinsed them and sat them to dry while I did other unrelated things and by the time I got back to them some of them were already molding.  Bummer.

I was also ... lazy, I suppose, and didn't put down parchment paper, so they lost half of their chocolate upon pickup attempt, but hey.  Yum.


Jason Langlois said...

Do you think it was the melting or the strawberries that made the chocolate taste better? I'm guessing the strawberries.

And I'm sad about the moldy strawberries.

My big accomplishment was taking 7 grocery bags of books to the TC book drop off and have that barely make a dent in my shelves. Now I just have to avoid buying 7 bags of books at the book sale, and I'll be ahead of the game!

Victoria said...

The melting had something to do with it for sure and yeah, the moldy was a bummer :(

And good for you! RESIST! (But not too much) :)