Friday, 21 April 2017


It bothers me when performers publish their set list and they include the encore songs on the list.

I mean, I understand set lists and why, but I always like to think that an encore is something unexpected... something that the audience asks for with applause at the end of a great show they just don't want to end.

I don't like the idea that it's expected... I want to EARN an encore with sore hands from applauding so much to FORCE THEM BACK ON STAGE WOOOOOOOO!!!

So it sort of feels like it's cheapened... that the encore songs are already on the play list pre-show.

I mean... can't they just have a little chat backstage as the crowd is cheering and go, ok, guys, I know we're exhausted, but they really seem to want more, let's do... X, Y, and Z ok?  Ok!


May as well save my hands and just wait out the "fake" encore...


Doesn't feel genuine to me if they're already planning that we'll like them so much we'll insist they come back!


Jason Langlois said...

Encores are part of the set list and generally are expected, at least for the bigger bands.

My favorite, actually a surprise encore story is when Reignwolf played 2013 Rock the Shores and was the opening act on the Sunday... and was so amazing, he got encored and called back to do more songs. He was surprised, and it through the timing of the rest of the day a little bit off ( has a tidbit about it.

It was authentic and earned and so cool.

But yeah, mostly now the big bands just assume the encore and factor it into the plans.

Victoria said...

Well a surprise encore would make me super happy :)