Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Car Sniffles

So my car has some owies.  Well, it has an owie and an intestinal issue.

Poor thing.

Jason awkwardly mentioned a couple of months ago that when I go to pick him up my car smells... like toots.  He said he didn't want to mention it in case it was me, which then embarrassed me because NO!  I DID NOT TOOT!!!!  I told him that there's a corner on the way to his place that always smells bad and so it was probably just that.

But, apparently my car smells at other times too... at least that he's noticed.  So he said to check out my catalytic converter.  I thought that was weird and random but no, apparently there are car things and car parts that can go wrong and make your car smell stinky.  (Sulfur)  So.... I keep making myself giggle a little by saying my car has gas.  Get it?  Because... stinky?  But also... gas?  (Also it's possibly caused by gas, just.. you know, *the more you know*!)

And the owie is that the moon (sun) roof isn't working properly.  It'll open, but then not so much with the closing.  Jason managed to get it closed for me by whispering sweet nothings to the buttons, but it's going in tomorrow to get both of those things looked at.  And yes, I splurged when I got the car and got a moon roof.  I like it.  (Although the irony is on the very sunny days it gets too hot to use because SUN ON HEAD!)

So yeah, my girl's a little bit older and it's starting to maybe show a little.  (The moon roof issue I'm hoping is just something stuck in the works, not a "broken" issue... and the stinky, if it's not harming the car, it doesn't bother me overly and Jason can just wear noseplugs or something.)

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