Tuesday, 9 May 2017


I know I've talked about it before (not all that long ago, actually) but I've got another example (or two... I'm hoping the second one will come back to me before I finish this post) of realizing (with some financial frustration) that cheap products are not worth the savings.  Sigh.

So shampoo.

I have always just bought the store brand stuff... found a scent or type I like and stuck with it.  At a certain point, I bought professional stuff and I did that for a while but never really felt all that much difference and so went back to regular stuff.

A while ago I bought some of the stuff my hairdresser uses but I used it sparingly... after all, it was expensive and I couldn't justify the expense when regular, cheaper stuff seemed just fine.

Except for whatever reason, this last time I bought new bottles from my hairdresser I used them a couple of washes in a row.  And I thought that maybe... just maybe my hair could last a little longer between washes and seemed... "better" somehow.

Nah.... couldn't be. 

But.... I'm pretty damn sure that my hair does better with this more expensive "real" shampoo than the whatever scented stuff I pick up at the drug store.  As in, it looks and feels better and I can absolutely go longer between "oh lord I have to wash it" stretches.  Which... probably means I'm saving more or something, I don't even know.

But yeah, I think I've converted to not-cheap shampoo.


(And yeah, there was something else I was going to include in this post but I have OH NO WAIT I REMEMBERED!)

And dollar store canvases and acrylics?  I can't go back to using them.  Which also sucks, financially speaking.

Last month (or was it two months ago?) when the art store had its annual sale I bought real stretched canvases and acrylics.  They're awesome to work with but not cheap.

I also picked up some dollar store (cheap) canvases and when I was working on a real canvas, I put some of the extra (expensive) acrylics on the cheap canvas so I wasn't wasting it.  But I can't make it work... it all reacts so differently and doesn't do what I'd like it to do and so now I have a bunch of ugly to use cheap canvases I have to do something with and then never buy again.

Ugh.  I wish things were less expensive but good quality. 

*dramatic sigh*


Jason Langlois said...

Use the cheap canvases for some sketches or pre-visualizations?

Victoria said...

Yeah, I'll find something to do with them :)