Tuesday, 29 August 2017

And Second of All

Weather's been a little .... moody?  all over the place?  un...decided?  this last couple of weeks.

It seemed to be a nice mild mellow not too warm for a while, and then it sort of got almost chilly for a morning or maybe half a day, and then Sunday it got HOT again, seemingly out of nowhere.

Oh, and the eclipse was fun!

It was partial here, but still cool to see.  When it was at its ... most.... covered?  (there's gotta be terms... for the partial totality...) it was like someone had tinted all the windows.  The light was eerie.  Because it was tinted but not quite dusk like and it was all the wrong colour.

I went outside and it was chilly (which it might have been anyway but I think it was more so) and the trees worked like pinhole cameras and their shadows made eclipse shapes and it was also 'not quite right' to the eye... light wise.

It was, I suppose, on the opposite end of the light spectrum from earlier in the month when everything had an orange haze/tint from the wildfires (which..... can we throw some rain that way please?  without lightning?)

But yeah, it was great to see and be able to observe it, and I've talked to people who were in the path of totality and they say it was an amazing experience and that it got VERY cold and dusk-like darkness (or some said they could see stars come out.) 


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