Tuesday, 2 January 2018


I've had a good, relaxing few days here and I am so happy and thankful for that.  I really am.

I booked myself some absolute nothing time a month or so ago for the week around/after Christmas.  And I hope that that's something I'll be able to do every year from now on because I am so very happily relaxed and it's a lovely feeling!

Christmas itself was unexpected.  As in... I did not expect a delightful Christmas Eve snow (EEEE!!!!) and I really did not expect the stomach bug (???) that hit me just as I was about to head out the door Christmas morning.

I called Jason in a panic and he insisted I head over to his place where he gave me permission to do nothing (because as in rough shape as I was I was still fairly determined to drive, in the snow, to see family and although food wasn't my friend I was still determined to make it to the Christmas dinner I'd committed to.) which I really needed.... because yeah, I was not well, but it didn't occur to me that I was "allowed" to take care of myself.  So Jason insisted and I did just that.  Nothing.

I slept.  I rested.  I took in fluids.  And that's about it.

He had a quiet Christmas planned for himself anyway so we just kind of hung out quietly all day.  There may have been napping (I'm sure I did anyway) and there may have been tv or Netflix or a movie or two, I honestly don't have a strong memory of what the day included, I just know it was the first time I didn't see family... or have any of the usual food stuffs, or anything and you know what?  It was the most relaxing day.

Boxing Day was more of the same and I cancelled the dinner plans I'd had for the Wednesday (which reminds me,  I have dinner plans tomorrow!) and I saw my parents one day last week and my brother another and both visits were super nice.  Happy, fun, light, the right length, and no stress at all.

So it's almost like I want to figure out how to not to Christmas again next year (but without the flu part) because that was the most relaxing Christmas I've had since I was a kid.

And I've done very little since.  I had a massage appointment (cuz my entire right arm is trying to revolt and start its own country or something) but that's it.  It's been chilling, relaxing, vegging, cozying, you name it.... all the good stuff.

Hung with Jason for New Years, which is the first time I've not just been quietly by myself in a long time.  We chilled, I took some time to myself to contemplate and think on what I'd like for the coming year and then we toasted the New Year and sang along to some good music.  It was mellow and nice.

I'll totally take that as my theme for this year if it's on offer, by the way... "mellow and nice"? Yes please!

So a very happy New Year to you all.  I'm absolutely loving doing nothing.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh.  (That's a happy sigh)


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