Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Come On, Man!

I'm having a lot of fun with the ukulele by the way!

I've managed to sing along with a few songs and I can tell I'm getting better.  I'm totally building calluses on my one hand and, well, I hate to say it, but I kind of got a "repetitive" injury in the other arm, gah!

I noticed it last week, that my right elbow was hurting, so I figured since I've been resting for the holidays it couldn't have been a workout thing, so must be the only other new thing I've been doing... so I stopped for a day, got annoyed that I'd stopped, so just practiced the other hand (not making any noise by strumming sort of thing) and then the next day I went back and realized it's not that I'm strumming with that elbow... I think it's actually just that I'd been so into it all, I'd spent two weeks of ten minutes to half an hour a day in that position and my arm went, you know what?  Nope!

So I'm trying to stretch, and to play/practice for shorter amounts of times because I do not want to get an actual, serious, or permanent injury from something that's meant to be fun and enjoyable.

But yeah, my body does not like repetition.  Which is funny, because my brain/mind doesn't mind it at all but my body, not just in recent years either, is not a fan of repetitive motion type stuff.  (I got that wrist thing in my right wrist back in the day when I had a job doing sales from the cash register, so it's not so much an age thing as it is my body thing!) 

I was pretty frustrated when things started to hurt and then the hurting was not nice at all and that upset me a fair amount, so I'm watching it and going to try to pay more attention and see if I can't avoid that kind of hurting again.

And, I may be sheepishly mentioning it to a physiotherapist later this week.  Ahem.


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