Thursday, 11 January 2018

Go Figure

I spent a bit of time over at Jason's over the holidays.  We watched a lot of shows, some on Netflix, some on tv.  And I noticed something about cable tv.

See, I haven't had cable in years.  At least ten, possibly more?  So I don't see ads.  And a couple of times we tried to watch a show or a movie on cable and I found I just couldn't.  I mean... I technically could, but I just couldn't care enough about the story because it kept getting interrupted.  The flow was gone.... something was juuuuuust about to happen NOPE!  (insert totally unrelated things here)

And ads?  Are super super annoying.  (With a few exceptions.)  And maybe because it was the holidays but it seemed to be the same ads over and over and over and. over. 

So, yeah.  I don't like cable.

Which I knew.

But I've had it confirmed.

It's back to Netflix (and stuff) for me, thanks!


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