Friday, 5 January 2018

Think Of Something Else!

I'm on a bit of a break from the gym/trainer for the holidays, but I'm also going to have to go back to a slightly different routine with her (the trainer) because my entire right arm/shoulder/neck is ANGRY AT ME in a new (month or so) way that I can't just ignore.  (Sigh)  But I got the giggles the other month while doing some weight stuff.

Because there I am, in this gym, with my little 15 pound weights and to me?  Those suckers are HEAVY!

So I'm doing my... oh dear lord let it stop thing with my little arms trying to lift those little weights and I look in the mirror and I'm surrounded by these guys doing these MASSIVE grunting HUGE weights.  And... well, I got the giggles.

Big time.

I had to stop and my trainer asked me what was wrong and I had to try to explain how funny it was for me to be finding the literally small, relatively "light" weights difficult and hard work when there were all these people around me lifting weights bigger than my head. 

It was maybe a "you had to be there" (as in, in my head) moment, but damn did it ever strike me as funny. 

And giggling in the gym like that is no bueno.. so... it was time to think of something else and go get a drink of water.

But yeah.... just... heh.  Heh. 


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