Thursday, 22 February 2018


So, snow it did!

And while my new, winter tires served me well, others did not do so well...

This was the kind of snowfall that once it starts to accumulate, the roads are not easy.  (And remember, we don't have proper snow abatement or clearing stuff here)  I actually had two situations in a small amount of time where people were actually stuck and unable to go up hills.  And by hills, I don't mean terribly steep hills!

I was happy to get safely home.  Nothing better than being safe and warm and watching the snow fall knowing you don't have to head anywhere!

It was pretty good packing snow, so I did make a mini snowman too.  It'll likely not last terribly long this week, but it's now one of those gorgeous sunny post-snow days where Winter reminds us just how pretty a snow day can be.

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