Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Didn't Miss The Hassle

I'm fairly sure I didn't talk about it in Summer (mainly because it's noted down on my "possible post ideas" notepad and not yet scratched out) but watching my neighbour-friend get ready for Burning Man was a good reminder of the parts I wasn't missing by not attending...

I went out the night before they left to hold a flashlight for them while they packed their truck and trailer.  And man oh man they were both super ultra full to the brim packed!  And then we thought to double check the insurance and it had just expired (a borrowed truck, so not really their fault for missing it) which... oh man!  Meant a delay in leaving.  Which turned out to be fine, because when they called their co-traveller to let him know, it turned out he'd just lost a tooth... something or other.. crown maybe? and so they'd have had to wait on him anyway.

So as I was standing there, watching the packing and the stress of it all I felt the relief of not having to deal with all that.  The packing... the driving, the borders, the unpacking, the setting up of camp, the teardown, the re-packing (of now dirty stuff), the travelling home, the unpacking, the washing, the... all of it.  It is a lot.  And it was good to be able to be reminded that while I'd miss attending, I certainly wasn't missing the hassle of going.

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