Monday, 19 March 2018


Time change is still messing with me, most notably with my sleep patterns.  I can't fall asleep when I'm supposed to (earlier) and I can't wake up when I'm supposed to (earlier) so I'm crotchety at night and grumpy and tired in the mornings.  It's a super fun combo!

That wasn't my cursor moving across the screen it was an ant.

I had ant bad dreams last night.  (sigh)

Dear Me, don't buy a new type of tea even if it's on super sale because you might not end up liking it at all and it'll just get given away. 

Maybe it could be Spring weather all year long?  Sunny... beautifully so, but a bit of bite in the wind or shade, but warm and lovely in the calm sun.  SO NICE.

I guess we'd still need rain but maybe only at night or something?

I have a sudden "craving" to play with Lego.  Weird.  (Didn't have a whole lot of it growing up so was more of a Playmobil kid I think?)

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