Friday, 6 April 2018

Holy Smokes

I pause in my (just started) babbling about my camping trip (adventure) to complain (heartily) about the SUPER FRUSTRATING time I had dealing with multiple websites yesterday.

There were a number of things I had to deal with, from downloading this thing to signing up with this new system and so on and so forth and NONE OF THEM WORKED!!!

All of the instructions said just do this and this and when I did, they didn't work and I got error messages.  So... I cleared caches, changed browsers, restarted systems, the whole nine yards... NOPE!  Rinse and repeat.  ARGH!

So then I took screen shots, emailed various "contact us here" emails and ate the last creme egg I have.

So, really.... pretty much the stupidest day ever.

Screw you non-functioning websites and stuff!  You stole my last creme egg from me!

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