Monday, 28 May 2018

Jacob Two-Two

For some reason using this photo is making me laugh.  We'll not analyze it too much..... it's literally nothing to do with anything!

Except... I am technically talking about two things.  Two of the same thing.... like these crows!  CAW, CAW!  (ahem)

So for whatever reason, I decided to try growing a couple of avocado seeds.  Again, not particularly sure of why other than "I kind of want to see if I can do this" I guess?

I googled the thing and so now I have two avodaco seeds stuck with toothpicks sitting half in water.  Doing.. nothing yet!

It's kind of funny when I think about it though because what I read said it'll take weeks to show any signs, if at all, and that then it'll take years to grow and even then they might never bear fruit.  And here was I hoping for free avodacos! (pretty much joking there)

I figured other than taking up a couple of glasses for a while, it'll do no harm and I get to have my own little attempt at growing.  I'm still enjoying my baby spider plants and watching them grow so thought I'd try something different.  No harm if they don't do anything, but I'll give them a while yet!


Jonathan said...

We have had avacado seeds sitting in water for WEEKS. It took a good month before they sprouted shoots.

Victoria said...

*dramatic sigh*

I gave up on one and started a different one. The other has cracked on top but that's about it... but a month eh? Guess I'll keep waiting!