Thursday, 12 July 2018


You know what's super amazing about (trying!) to grow these avocado seeds (two with tap roots, one just started, none with sprouts yet)?

It is really incredible and fascinating to watch these seeds grow!

I mean, I grew up with a garden, I've seen things sprout and grow before, but this is different.  Getting to see it in front of me, because I'm doing the "toothpick" method rather than what I'm used to with seeds, which is to stick them in dirt.  I can SEE the life doing... life stuff!

I told Jason about how much fun I was finding it and he has a yard and space where he lives so he gave me a couple of (I forget what?) seeds to germinate.

So I got to see this little ball of "nothing" shoot out a... uh... thing... and then I put it in a little pot of dirt and I got to see it pushing up the dirt!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!  And now this little seed is doing its thing so so super fast, it's amazing.  In the space of half a day it pushed up the dirt on top of it and now it's out of the "ground" and unfurling out of its own shell casing.  It is blowing my mind to be able to see it DO that literally right in front of my eyes.

I already know that nature is awesome.  I already know it's cool to watch plants grow.  But to be able to watch a seed go from dormant... and help it germinate and now to watch it grow for a bit (until it's big and strong enough to take outside to Jason's) and to know that maybe, MAYBE if things go well, it'll be something I (or someone) can eat?  This is seriously like magic to me right now.  Yay for life and yay for nature.

(It's also super amusing to watch the MASSIVE avocado seeds "going" like sloths compared to the magic tiny seeds.  It's like I have a Great Dane and a Chihuahua in seed form!)

Edited to add:  Ever since I picked that title, I keep hearing the opening to "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.  So, sorry/you're welcome!?

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