Tuesday, 10 July 2018


I can't always write a bunch of heavy posts in a row, especially since I'm not sure what or how I want to write, or write about.  So... allow me to complain about something fairly light for a second here...

My damn reaction to mosquito bites!  ARGH!

I went to a garden party event thing this weekend and I wasn't sure about the temperature (it was one of those days of "possible rain and lightning!  or maybe not!") so I did bring both sunscreen and Off and left them in the car.

It wasn't long into the afternoon/evening when I slapped a giant mosquito to death on my leg.  YES!  Got her before she bit (I naively thought) and went out to the car to spray myself down a bit.

It's tricky with Off (bug repellant) because it does not smell all that nice to humans so I didn't want to douse myself completely.  So I just did a few squirts here and there.

Seems I should have jumped in a pool of it.  Sigh.

I woke up two days later with a giant bite on my leg.  Which is usually the worst possible sign, because for whatever reason, when a bug bite doesn't start to itch for me on day one?  It usually means the itching is going to last a long, miserably itchy time.

I've since found at least six bites, and they are mother truckingly itchy.  I've got a spray that seems to work for a while and am trying to ignore them the rest of the time but ugh, I envy those who either don't get bit or don't react.

Actually, as I type this I'm thinking I should go see if I have any benadryl or something like that.  Curse you you biting flying nasty things!

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