Monday, 16 July 2018

Oh Geez

Ok so hi!
I had plans to write a bunch this weekend but last week was so so stressful and I was taking it easy this weekend but then my car keys got stolen (not from me, I loaned my car to a friend, friend had bag stolen, keys were in bag at the time) so I've been dealing with that and I am just... done in.
Like, I can has a break now please oh no wait it's Monday NOPE!
So... uh, yeah, that.


Anonymous said...

oh and this heat wave has not helped. I know Vancouver Island heat is nothing compared to other places in Canada but to me it's been hot. We don't really have air conditioning in houses here so there is no relief just more sweat all week long. Here's hoping for some cool breezes.

Victoria said...

I'm fairly close to rocking back and forth saying "please make this not be the new normal, please!" Sending you some cool breezes brandi!!!