Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Happy Boo Day

If you have children, I hope they get enough candy today that you can sneak some for yourself without them noticing!

If you don't have children... I hope you bought yourself some and are happily, guilt-free-ly eating it.

If you enjoy dressing up, I hope your costume makes you and others very happy, and if you don't enjoy dressing up, I hope you see some costumes today that make you smile.

I still remember the year I deliberately peed my pants while trick or treating.  I was of whatever age that I was only allowed to trick or treat our one (rather long) road.  We were near the end of one side of the road and I really had to piddle and I was pretty sure that if I told my parent (one would come with, the other would stay home to hand out candy to the other kids) that I needed to go home to pee, they'd just call it a night.  (I mean, even as an adult now, I'd be like, sorry kid, we're high tailing it back home so you can pee and then I'm not hiking all the way back down the street!  Actually.. I should ask my parents what they would have done... it just occurred to me that they might have known the street neighbours enough to ask to use their bathroom, d'oh! HA!)  Anyway.  So because I didn't want to lose out on a whole lot of candy I just... held it until I coudln't hold it anymore and then I sort of kid logic-ed it out that my costume was "thick" enough, or it was dark enough or some combo of both that if I peed my pants no one would notice.  I remember thinking at the time that it was so cool it froze, and maybe it did, or maybe my kid imagination just turned "really cold pants, now wet" into "SO COLD IT FROZE!" I dunno.  But yeah... candy over pee, y'all!  I chose the candy.  Worth it!

Anyone else remember those silver bags of sunflower seeds?  Or the two packs of Chicklets?  I miss those.  Halloween candy today seems a bit blander than I remember... although I can still down a few "snack/fun" sized treats in a row if need be!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, you knew what houses gave out the best stuff - homemade popcorn balls, tiny paper bags filled with mojos, rockets & double bubble . People really went to alot of work in my neighbourhood I guess. We had someone who worked at Dairyland & gave out chocolate milk & another gave small toys (but they made you sing a song for your treat!) And of course there was one person who gave out full size chocolate bars (unheard of then) so you had to get there early in case they ran out haha
As you can tell I still love candy

Victoria said...

I was just thinking last night about the house that would make you sing! And I never knew what song to sing so I was always like... uh.... Happy Birthday? :)