Thursday, 25 October 2018


Am super tired after a few nights of disturbed sleep.

One night with dreams of guns I had to clean up.  Without knowing anything about guns or if they were loaded or not.

Another with my Dad and I moving the bodies and one exploding when we put it down.  But like not explosion exploding but er... gross dead body exploding. Ew.

Then last night it was my teeth cracking and falling out.  And I already (in the dream) had lost a number of teeth but man I hate the teeth dreams.  Even more so now that I had a friend crack a tooth while we were eating pizza.  GAH!  THE DREAMS ARE REAL????


Brains be doing what they do.  I'd just like a solid sleep myself!


Jason Langlois said...

Would like to unsubscribe from your nightly streaming service, please. Maybe subscribe to Disney Family instead?

Dominic said...

IIRC dreams of teeth breaking/falling out is said to be a sign of stress...

Victoria said...

Jason, I think Disney Family might be just as nightmarish for me.... but yes, I should find a new subscription!

Dominic, I don't doubt it. Gah.