Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The Change

The last few weeks have been absolutely lovely in terms of our weather.  Bright, warm days... chilly in morning and night, sure, but warm during the day.  Some fog, but really, it's been a lovely month.

It's just hard to fully enjoy it when you hear of unusual weather in other places too.  Early snow here, wicked storms there.  And yes, we're bathing in our warm sunlight, but... is it normal?

Sure, it "feels like Fall" but... it also feels like "September Fall" rather than the end of October...

I'm not sure people are really aware of how odd our weather is behaving.  And I'm not sure when it gets bad enough that everyone REALLY notices if there will be much left to be done.

I don't want to be fatalistic, I'm just.... this is scary... and that's from someone who loves weather... but tries to not think too too much about the change we've made happen to our world.  For my own sanity. 

So while I'm loving this sunshine, oh so much... I'm also nervous of it.  And everything else people are noticing around the world.

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