Monday, 12 November 2018


Funny, I was just glancing back at archives from a year ago and apparently this time last year we had had some snow.

I say "funny", because this week (last week) is the first time I've thought "ok, NOW it's Fall."  Because this week it was noticably cold.

Yes, I turned my radiator on a few weeks ago, and yes I put an extra blanket on a few weeks ago, but this last week?  All the extra blankets were needed and windows got closed and the radiator is getting turned up and I needed gloves and a hat to be outside.

It got suddenly cold.

So yeah, now it's cold.  Now it's the cold we'll likely have for the next few months.  And that's in part due to the clear skies (that bring glorious sun) so I suppose the rainy days will be warmer, but still... the onset of cold felt very sudden.  It's as if we got half way through Fall before actually getting Fall weather.


Elliott said...

Weather gurus are calling for -10C overnight Tuesday and a high of -1C for Wednesday...sounds like it might be time for more than a sweatshirt as outdoor gear...guess I should find my windbreaker or something.

Jason Langlois said...

I feel like we're just entering the "brisk and chilly" phase, and haven't quite made it to cold. The frost hasn't started forming on the cars in the morning yet - but maybe that's like a week or two away.

Victoria said...

Yeah, maybe upgrade from a hoodie Elliott? ;)

I had frost on my car leaving a friend's house around 9:30/10 pm last week Jason!!!