Friday, 23 November 2018

But It Seems It Is

I have a number of friends who live in the Bay Area of California and it has been awful on them this last while dealing with smoke-filled air from the fires down that way.

I thought back to the fires we dealt with this summer and thought that maybe I would try to save up and get an air purifier type thing this Winter (as they sold out last summer when it was poor air quality here).  And I'm sad and disheartened that planning ahead for poor smoke-related air quality is something I'm actually considering.

The other thought I had was that I was happy to see that most of my friends down there already had masks since most of them I know through Burning Man and you need face masks for the dust storms so it's like yay, we're prepared for the worst cuz we're burners but man I wish we didn't have to be.

I'll say it again... I really don't want this to be the new, accepted, norm.

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