Friday, 30 November 2018


A couple of months ago, C-Dawg convinced me I should try watching a show called "Ru-Paul's Drag Race."

Now, this is a show I'd heard of before, most notably, when I saw Henry Rollins speak and he mentioned being a judge on the show, but not a show I'd really thought of watching.  But I gave it a try and man oh man, there are entire cultures out there, like that of drag queens that I have absolutely no idea of or experience with.

C-Dawg and I have both talked about how we'd love to have some folks dress us up with the wigs and the makeup and the outfits just to see what we'd look like in the types of outfits these ladies wear, I think it could be great fun for an evening or a photo shoot.  But neither of us are the hair and makeup types anyway.

It's been interesting to watch and learn a few things and I'm glad they seem to have such a supportive community.  I hope we can continue to have a world where we all find the place where we're accepted.  (As long as we're not hurting ourselves or others.) 

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