Tuesday, 27 November 2018

No Takebacks!

I probably shouldn't type this because I'll potentially jinx things, but so far it seems Environment Canada has been wrong, yet again! on the first (non) storm of the season!

I talked about it before but C-Dawg and I noticed a couple of years ago (fairly recently anyway) that Environment Canada had started to seemingly OVER WARN for storms that didn't amount to what they warned us all about.  So we started to pay attention and yeah... the storms they warned about rarely actually seemed to happen.

And we just had the first experience of that this weekend.  See, we got a weather statement that was then upgraded to a weather warning that there would be HUGE WINDS and lots of rain.  And a friend of a friend got put on call for work because of the storm coming in and there was a lot of hunkering down Sunday... and then... it... didn't?

I mean, sure, there was (is) some rain and there was a bit of wind but the storm (knock on wood since I'm writing this and setting it to post several hours in the future!) didn't actually arrive.

I know weather shifts and changes and I know that weather forecasting is scientific guessing but I still really wonder what's behind these non-fulfilled-warnings.  Is it climate change meaning that the science of the past isn't working as accurately anymore?  Are they being overly cautious so as to avoid complaints (and lawsuits? I dunno!)

I love a good storm, especially when I'm safe and comfortable, but I'm always disappointed when a warning doesn't result in a storm, so I've stopped getting excited about them and I just keep paying attention to my own sense of weather.

So there we have it... first non-storm massive warning of the season.  Boo?


Elliott said...

We had our first weather armageddon weather forecast two weeks ago. Watches for 15cm of snow overnight Thursday into Friday. Bad driving, local whiteouts, blah, blah, blah. And they nailed it. It is exactly what happened.

We've noticed the over warning trend over the past few years too. I chalk it up to legal liability thought process.

Victoria said...

Well, at least they got one right! ;)