Saturday, 8 December 2018


One of the things that amuses me a little is what I like to call the Canadian snow myth.

Well, let me be clear, pretty much *just* where I live but still, hear me out!

Often, there's this joke view of Canada as a snow filled vast expanse.

And yes, much of our country does have quite a snow filled Winter (or longer) but the West Coast, where I have always lived, does not.  And little Victoria here?  Hardly gets snow at all. 

But the part that makes me laugh is when I travel down to the states and hear the "great white north" stuff and then I watch the weather at this time of year and?  Snow in Nevada!  Snow in Southern California!  Snow in some other state.  And here?  Nope!

It's not a big deal, and I know it's partly a joke and partly a misconception about us Canadians, but it always makes me giggle when the states has snow and I don't. 


Happydog said...

We just came back from Huatulco Mexico and every cab driver said "Canada mucho frio!" And we had to explain in the west not so much cold or snow but mucho rain. Not sure they believed us. 😊

Victoria said...


(hope you had a lovely trip!)