Thursday, 13 December 2018

That Episode

Whenever I watch the Survivor episode when the loved ones visit, I always wonder who I would have come out.  (Well, I wonder this through my tears and occasional sobbing...) 

I mean, let's be real, I'm never getting on Survivor, but still... I can't figure out who I would bring.

I'd love to bring a parent, but I feel like they're probably too old for the travel and wouldn't do well in the heat or if there was a challenge.  I could bring my brother, I suppose, but I wondered the other day about bringing Jason.  If there was a challenge, he'd probably manage it (although brother could too) but I feel like Jason would have some insight on where I was in the game and how I could/should proceed and I feel like he'd be like YOU CAN DO IT.  But I don't know!

Maybe in my imaginary time on Survivor I'll have a boyfriend or husband, but who knows.

Any of you know who you're bringing to your Survivor loved ones visit?


Jonathan said...

This is where I admit to never having seen Survivor :)

Victoria said...

I find it a good distraction when needed, but your life will go on without having seen it J ;)