Wednesday, 23 January 2019


Time has been super weird for me this month.  I figure it's likely from the health stuff that's been going on since the first but I'm actively unaware it's 2019.

Like, every single time I see something, like an event or something with the date "2019" next to it I kind of cringe for whoever screwed up the website, or the signage or the.... and then I realize that no, I actually am nearly a month into a year I didn't notice showing up.

Or something.

It's really more extra bizarre for me right now than it usually is.  And apparently it's already 2019.  Like, now.


Jonathan said...

I can't quite figure out how we're almost a month into the year either. I could swear life speeds up more and more as you get older.

Victoria said...

No, it can't be that! ;)