Thursday, 3 January 2019

So, Um

I got gum in my hair.

No, I'm not kidding.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I ever got gum in my hair as a kid but sure, maybe I did.  But never did I think I'd ever get gum in my hair as a grown adult!  Come on now!

I usually brush my hair at night before bed, but not always, but I do almost always brush my hair in the morning, or at least before going out, but it was holidays last week and I was feeling lazy so I just threw my hair into a ponytail and didn't even think of brushing it!

Then, I was watching a show with Jason and brushing my hair and... what... what?  WHAT IS STUCK IN MY HAIR OMG IT IS GUM?  GUM????

Jason kindly offered to cut it out for me and although his glee was daunting, I know he's a decent hair cutter type person (plus he raised kids) and I wasn't in any mood to google "how to get gum out of hair without cutting it" so I just rescued as much hair as I could and let him cut out the rest (and a couple of innocent inches, bah!)

And then I set to figuring out how on earth I'd gotten gum in my hair!

And here's what I figure happened....

I chew gum at night before I brush my teeth.  I do this while on my couch, usually watching a show on my laptop.  So... lying comfortably, chilling out. 

I don't chew the gum for long, just kind of as a "get anything big out of my teeth" sort of thing.  It's maybe not helpful at all but I still do it, is a habit by now.  So I remember chewing it and having already recycled the little paper wrapping, I had nowhere to put the gum so I put it on the rim of my water bottle to "throw out next time I get up".

I generally drink less at night so didn't think much of it, but what I think must have happened is that I grabbed some water, without thinking about it and was watching whatever (probably House of Cards, I just re watched it all before watching the final season) and didn't notice the gum, which then fell into my hair and got lodged there since... well, that was one of the nights I guess I didn't brush my hair before bed.  Bah!

So... moral of the story is either don't drink water... or more likely, don't put your gum in places you forget about it!

But yeah... getting gum in your hair.. not just for kids anymore!

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