Monday, 11 February 2019

Not California Dreaming

I'm writing this on Sunday morning, before another batch of snow does or doesn't arrive.  So the next post you see, I'm hoping will be another EEEEEE!  It snowed!  (Although I'm not holding my breath... that leads to disappointment... and fainting!  Ahem)

I had a dream last night that I needed another crown.  (I'm sure I wrote here somewhere that I got a crown on one of my teeth for the first time .... yep, here it is.) 

The dentist I was at wasn't the dentist who did my first one and this new dentist was all like you need a crown and I was all oh, ok.  But then I left her office and was all stressed because my actual dentist did such a great job and they'd probably not match the colours so well and maybe not do a good job and the STRESS, y'all, was how to tell the dentist that I wanted my actual, other dentist to do this crown, when new (not real) dentist had found it.

I figure that teeth dreams are because I'm clenching or grinding that night (yes, wearing my guard, don't worry!)  But this particular dream was a pretty good example of the social anxiety stuff my brain puts me through right now.  I was worried about telling a professional that I wanted to work with a different professional and it was stressing me out enough to be a nightmare kind of dream.

When I woke up enough to realize it was a dream and I only actually have one dentist (and hopefully don't need another crown, maybe ever! [fingers crossed]) I tried to talk myself through what I *could* do if I have to.  You know, call the office and say, I'm getting a second opinion, or something like that and then try to not be upset by whatever "upset" dentist 1 might have.

So yeah, that was a teeth stress dream joined up with an anxiety stress dream.  Geez.  Can't a girl dream of happy things?  (Like Cadbury Creme Eggs that taste the same but have no sugar in them through some magical process and so are actually really healthy!?)

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