Thursday, 14 February 2019


So apparently the snow this time did a thing it usually doesn't do...

Often when we get snow in town here there will be far more snow elsewhere.  Like a forty minute drive will give you more snow and a three hour drive will give you a ton more snow.

Well, this time it seems that there were huge variations just ten or fifteen (maybe twenty) minutes away from each other.  As in, C-Dawg figures she got twice the amount of snow I did.  (She had to be in both areas yesterday and texted me all WHAT?!)

Usually the snow hits Victoria in a pretty blanket amount, so it's a little odd to have had it so varied in a relatively small area.  Go figure.

When we texted yesterday morning she figures they'd even gotten another five or so centimeters overnight and we only got a couple at most.  Plus a lot of ours melted.  We are a lot closer to the water than she is and I know that warms things.  (Or cools it in warmer times...go figure)

There were apparently snow plows getting stuck and things the last couple of days which, again, you can mock us for "freaking out" when it snows here but it really is a weird situation when it actually for real snows!

Happy Valentine's day by the way.  Hope you have some loved ones you can send hugs to.  And maybe you have your eyes on some chocolate tomorrow!  And let the Easter stuff roll on, right?  (Although I found one source in town for creme eggs a couple of weeks ago, but let's not talk about that ok!?)


Jason Langlois said...

The other thing it did that it doesn't usually do is stick around and snow some more.

Hope you had a good V day, too.

Elliott said...

Happy V day.

That happens around here. I live 10km north of town and we often get close to double that town gets. Go figure.

Victoria said...

And then a little more. And.. then just a touch more! I really did think it'd be all gone by today Jason, but... nope! Happy V day (close to!)

Little weather system changes over short distances are odd! Happy V day to you too Elliott!