Saturday, 2 February 2019

Panic, Panic!!! Oh... Nevermind. Un-Panic

So we got a "special weather statement" put out yesterday.

C-Dawg texted me about it (because we love weather and are weird that way together!) and I checked it out and was like damn...

My radiators (only heating I have) aren't working very well or something and I can't be bothered to ask for the people to come look at them again (they've already been "bled") so I was thinking I might get a little cold in my place again.

And then this morning I looked at the weather forecast again and no, it's not going to be "Polar Vortex" cold, which is what I had sort of assumed (because why else put out a statement???) it's just going to be "a bit colder than normal.  As in, it's going to be cold.  In February.  You know, Winter.

Not even supposed to get all that cold, just... not as "unusually warm" as it has been.  *shrug*?

They also said there's a chance of maybe some snow but they have no idea where or when it might land so also a chance of no snow at all but you know, maybe some, ok?

So... of course I don't know what will actually happen with the weather this coming week.  Sounds like it'll be chilly.  But not the kind of chill that most of North America has been dealing with this last while.  So, again, not sure why Environment Canada is so set on putting out warnings unless we're all right about the but covering.

But yeah, no panic here.  I mean, I have blankets and hot water bottles anyway, so will be fine. 


Jonathan said...

We have this conversation with our kids all the time - where they start flapping when it gets cold, and we tell them to go put another layer on (at this point they are standing in the kitchen in a t-shirt they slept in).

Victoria said...

It's a logical first step/response ;)