Wednesday, 13 March 2019


I was just about to start a post asking if anyone else ever gets these random pains in their legs (mainly) that just come out of nowhere and I was going to describe it (as it had just happened) and then I saw a mosquito flying away.  Crap.

I wasn't sure it was a mosquito, and I usually don't feel their bites (I have to assume that's what that frigging pain was, damnit) but it came back a few minutes later and landed long enough for me to squish it dead.  (I may save spiders and other bugs but I never let mosquitos live, for so many reasons.)

So now I'm writing a post about the fact that I guess it's mosquito season again... and maybe it never wasn't... I dunno.  Just, ugh and boo and maybe, just maybe?  They didn't get enough of a bite into me for the itch to happen, I guess we'll see.


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