Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Spring In The Air

I noticed this weekend that the air coming through my window is different.  It has a feel of warmth to it.

Now, that's not to say that it's warm air or hot air, just that up until now, having my window open meant chilly air coming in.  Sometimes air that was so biting I'd have to have the window just cracked or closed entirely.

It seems sort of sudden.  As in, within the last few days, not quite a week.  I've also thrown most of my bedtime blankets off and may just be removing them altogether soon.

I know it is Spring, I mean, even technically tomorrow!  But we had a winter that was a not very winter and then a late comeback total winter and now it's feeling a little bit all of a sudden that I can probably have my window all the way open... and not have to wear fuzzy warm things and a blanket and a hot water bottle.

So, yeah.  Weather's changing.  And yes, I am soaking in the sun while it's here.

And yes, I'm sad to say I'm anticipating another wildfire summer, which sucks to be thinking about.

(Someone accidentally (was apparently smoking?) caused a brush fire on the waterfront here this weekend.  Now, I'm no fire expert, but it makes me a bit nervous to think that things are already that... dry?  Even with snowfall not too long ago.)

But yes, the air coming in my windows is warmer.  Like someone finally turned the heat on outside. 



Jason Langlois said...

Spring has sprung, and now we get to enjoy a few weeks of wonderful temperate temperatures and flowers and gentle breezes. Fresh air in the apartment, windows down in the car, and a general absence of mustiness and staleness.

(I'll ignore the pollen...)

Victoria said...

I really feel for allergy sufferers!

Elliott said...

From the pics my buddy is posting on golf courses around Victoria with 20C temps, it looks like you're solidly into spring.

Other than allergies, I'm jealous. Hockey season ends next week, so golf weather better get here soon.

Victoria said...

We were in weird summer for a few days and now we're back to "normal Spring" (I think) Good luck for the end of hockey season!