Wednesday, 27 March 2019

The System

I know the medical system has challenges, and that's me being polite.

But I spent three days (at 5+ hours a day) waiting in the ER with my friend and every time I spoke with a nurse about how busy they were they responded with "it's always like this" and "people come here for clinic reasons". 

I know it's far more complicated than I can possibly type out here or probably even understand but despite there being good people working there, the ER system sent my friend home twice, missed some important things that shouldn't have been missed, and according to the final doctor upon discharge, my friend nearly died (because of this.)

I am exhausted.  My friend is mending.  I'm turning off comments just because I know it's a passionate, sensitive issue that involves money and taxes and government and all sorts of things I just try to keep off of my own little private blog space here. 

I'm letting my friend do the complaining that needs to be done, and I've sent off commendations to the nurse and doctor who did save a life by listening, being thorough, and taking the time (despite whatever limitations they're working within.)

And I wish wish wish people had a better understanding of what's a visit to the clinic (yes, there are also long waits there, I know) and what's a visit to the ER.  Turns out the ER can't send anyone home, even if they show up with a hang nail.  So that person will have a very very very long wait and will also slow down the system for folks who are in dire straits and need to be there. 

And if I were you, I'd do whatever I could to avoid having to go through the long long waits at the ER.  Or, you know, just try to stay out of hospitals all together if you can!