Friday, 28 June 2019


Wishing you all a very happy Canada Day long weekend and/or a happy USA day or just a happy "thank goodness it's the weekend" or whatever might make you happy.

A few small anectodes of no particular importance...

I made myself motion sick last night by watching a video of someone loading an old school film projector (it was a POV video, I assume a go pro or something on a hat?)  It was awful, and makes me shake my head at myself at the fact that no, when I say I get car sick, I'm seriously not kidding.  (P.S.  Motion sickness sucks... and so does being half asleep on Gravol if you are worried you might get motion sick!)

I have a blister on the bottom of one foot that hasn't gone away so today I put a special blister bandaid on it and that thing lasted about half a block.  LE SIGH.

My slippers have a hole in them (it's new) on the same foot (and similar area) to the blister.  Maybe I walk super hard on that foot?

If you're a resident of British Columbia, the government is asking for feedback about Daylight Savings... I think you know MY personal feeling, but the government would like to know what yours is...


Jason Langlois said...

It's weird how POV can hit us. I was watching someone streaming Sea of Thieves, the pirate game, and they were on their ship sailing and I started to get queasy because of the up/down motion.

And that hole in the slippers + blister does suggest you're doing something extra there.

Fingers crossed we abandon the silly time change.

Victoria said...

GO AWAY time change!

And yeah, I'll probably stay away from POV from now on, gah.