Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Ever After

When I was little (so you know, not that long ago cuz clearly I'm not ALL that old!!!) I used to wish upon shooting stars that I would "live happily ever after".

I know, I'm not supposed to tell my wish or else it won't come true, but I think that wish was generic enough I'm safe.  I try to make them more specific these days...

When I was very young, I think that meant what I saw around me.  My parents; raising kids, having a great house and yard, going camping, being happy together married.

I remember going to a lot of weddings when I was a kid and thinking that this was a big yes for me.  The outfits, the ceremony, the food and cake!  And always with that sense of "happily ever after".

I remember watching Princess Diana's wedding and more than anything wanting that train.  I think I knew I'd probably not marry a prince (although who knows?) but that I could probably still have a super long train on my eventual wedding dress. 

I think for most of my life that idea of being a married person was what I wanted to give me that happily ever after.  I mean, that's what happened to all the fairy tale (and Disney) princesses, wasn't it?  "Saved" by the gorgeous man (prince!) and whisked off to a rich, easy, filled with dreamy love life?!

I went to a fair number of weddings when I was not a kid too.  Friends.  And for a time, friends of friends.  I remember at one point thinking to myself "I'm going to have to invite all these people to my wedding, just to get a gift back from them, geez!" because it was always such an expensive thing.

The last two weddings I've attended I was in the bridal party.  It was awesome and wonderful to be able to support my friends on the day they declared just how much they loved their chosen partner.

I've got a lot of solid marriages in my life.  And a few divorces too.  But I'm happy for everyone who is happy in their marriage.  And my "choose not to get married" friends.  They're happy too.

My dreams are more specific these days, although "happily ever after" is still something I will go for, for sure!

A wedding is no longer something I feel like I want to spend a whole lot of hard earned money on, and at this point, there isn't even necessarily going to be one.  Who knows.

I'm not sure what got me thinking about weddings today.  It just kind of happened.  I don't think I'll be having a train like Princess Diana had.  I doubt I'll be getting married in a chapel.  Or to a prince.  I guess we'll see what the future brings.  If anything.  Or anyone.


Jason Langlois said...

One of the amazing things though is that you could just choose to have an amazing train for no reason at all! (if any one asks, you could claim to be cosplaying)

And the future will bring something. My hope is more happiness for you.

Elliott said...

I hope the future brings you much happiness and good healthy.

Love and marriage snuck up on me when I wasn't expecting it. We got married outside in our backyard. It was perfect for us.

I hope the future gives you your perfect...whatever that may be.

Victoria said...

Jason, very true! Although the reality is a train that long would probably be a pain to walk in ;)

Thank you Elliott, and your wedding sounds perfect to me too :)