Monday, 17 June 2019


Well of COURSE I had plans to spend my Sunday afternoon writing posts, I did!

But then my friends I don't see enough called and wanted to know if I was free to hang out so I did that instead.  So I'm happy, and tired and blog post-less.

But I do still remember my bad dream from yesterday morning so that's what I'll mumble about!

So in this dream (which was what I call a "stress" dream... as in it feels so stressful it wakes me up) I had four small cats.  Two were young and the other two were little kittens.  So like four kittens, but two super young kittens (if that makes sense... like two teens and two baby cats... anyway...)

So I had these cats and I kept them in a compartmentalized travel case.  Like, the type of cat carrier to use to take them to the vet or something but this one had four little apartments and was lit up inside.  (I don't know, my brain just makes this stuff up!)

I had this little routine with them down pat.  I'd take them out, feed them (yum, yum happy kitties!) and then put them back into the carrier for nap time.  Then they'd come out later, and play, and I'd make sure they didn't go downstairs (and get lost, duh).  Then I did this over four days (in the dream) and it was so much fun and adorable and I was so happy.

And then I realized I hadn't been letting them poop (?)  Like there was nowhere for them to go and so they hadn't (I'm not quite sure on that part just that I realized they hadn't pooped in the four days I'd had them) AND, I hadn't been giving them water, just the food.  Oh crap!

So I was suddenly scared and worried that they were going to get sick or maybe already were, so I went to ask for help and the first lady I asked was like this "snobby, rich" lady who was sort of a step mom or something to me ? and she just looked down her nose at me and said "I do not like cats." So that was no help.  Then I went to ask my friend who I knew would know but she was at a big, fancy dinner party and I felt so bad interrupting but I did, but then she was flustered and I was so upset that I woke up.

I figure the dream was less about the cats and more about me feeling like I'm not doing well at something and maybe that I'm missing something important almost by accident and that there's no one willing to help me fix the problem.  Or, you know, something along those lines.  Because yeah, I don't have a cat.  Or four.

And also, apparently, I never should because I forget things like water and pooping!

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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