Monday, 8 July 2019

A Long Weekend

So, this wasn't a holiday long weekend, but for me it ended up feeling like a long weekend and that's pretty cool.

Jason and I went for a (long!) drive up Island to somewhere he hadn't been in nearly a decade and I'd never been.  We ended up... I don't even know what... using a rope to climb down a whole long way (while I struggled greatly with the height and my strength and fears and I probably swore a whole lot, ahem). 

He enjoys driving a lot more than I do, but I'm finding ways to make the drive itself more comfortable for myself.

I found myself really wishing I didn't get car/motion sick because it feels like it could be a whole lot easier on me if I could read for the ride and just ignore all the potential dangers my passenger seat self "sees" (anticipates?)

These longer days help too as it meant we could get back into town before dark, which means we could spend a little longer in the location, and stop to stretch our legs a few times on the drive too.

There were a TON of things happening this weekend, all of which I missed... in part because I wasn't here on Saturday and I was recovering on Sunday!

But it was a nice weekend and gas was a little cheaper up Island too as a bonus!


Jason Langlois said...

That sounds like a heck of a trip!

I was up island this weekend, and listened to an audiobook during the drive. That sure made the trip feel a lot shorter!

Victoria said...

I'm not sure I could concentrate on both but I did wonder about giving that a try! ;)