Monday, 15 July 2019


It's 7 pm on Sunday night as I type this and the thought that just occurred to me was "crap... I haven't written anything."  This thought happens quite often these days, sometimes, unfortunately, followed by a feeling of growing panic... which is not conducive to writing.

All I really want to do is settle down for the evening, but I'm telling myself I can type out one post, right?  Sure.

I had a decent weekend.  Quiet.  Which is ok, but I feel guilty having quiet weekends during the summer.  In part because there are so many things going on, and in part because the weather is nice.  And I imagine that there will come a time in the more dreary months when I wish I had taken advantage of the nice weather.... but... this weekend I didn't, and I'm going to remind myself that that's ok.

I suppose I could tell myself I was also resting my body and that's partially true, but it was more that I just didn't feel like dealing with it all.... the going somewhere... the probably dealing with other people of it I didn't.

But (she says somewhat guiltily) I also didn't take any of that down time to write out any blog posts.  Not sure why.  I suppose I kept thinking I'd get around to it on Sunday and then my Sunday afternoon I actually did get out of the house and hang out in someone else's backyard (since I don't have one!) and so now here I am at 7 something on a Sunday night just wanting to lay back and zone out.

Now I just have to shoo away the guilt.  It's ok to be quiet, to do nothing, or very little, even when the days are long and the weather is nice.  Right?

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