Monday, 23 September 2019


Today, they tell me, is the first day of Fall, and the "autumnal equinox" where the day is as long as the night.

I notice.  The day length I mean... I notice, already, and while I'm trying not to count down to when it will start being ok again... it's not easy to ignore when I don't always like it.

But I digress... the days are a little bit shorter, and they're cooler.  Some folks have been upset by the amount of rain we've gotten but I don't mind.  I'm so happy we had a smoke/fire free summer, and I don't mind the water, soaking things, and filling lakes and reservoirs.

And no, I don't live in Texas, or wherever it's flooding currently, and I'm sorry for those who are, I'm just noticing what's happening around me here.

Cooler, slightly shorter days.  Mixed temperatures as when the sun comes out it still packs some warmth to it.  I take layers with me but generally end up taking them off.  It feels weird when I put on my boots and man oh man were my jeans ever weird and constrictive after comfy, loose summer pants and things!

The trees are still green, just a few leaves are starting to turn and fall.  But some of those were already coming down in August with the dry season so it's not... SUPER Fall yet.  But it's also not summer.

I officially put away both of my fans this weekend.  And some windows are getting closed at night.  I've yet to turn on a radiator or put on extra blankets at night, but I'm also wearing a hoodie and slippers around the house... it's the little changes you notice.

So Happy Fall, if you're in this hemisphere (and happy Spring if you're not).

My Summer was quiet.  Not as much adventure or going places as I might have liked.  It wasn't all smooth, August had a lot of stress, but September has done me pretty well (knock on wood.)

Here's to the changes we can't stop and finding the good in them.


Happydog said...

I have a new mantra for the Fall. “This is a blessed day and anything can happen. " helps with my control freak tendencies. ��

Victoria said...

Nice one! :)

Also, HIIIIII!!!! ;)