Monday, 6 January 2020

The Reality

Well, if you're like a lot of people I know, you'll have squeezed what you could out of the last couple of weeks of holidays.  With the few odd middle of the days off kind of days and what day is it today exactly.  There was a day this last week where I was ecstatic to realize it wasn't Sunday!  It was Thursday!  YAY!  And that was still weird, but ok.  I ran with it.

My anxious parts got riled up this weekend as the "return to reality" started to loom, but I'm probably not alone in having had that feeling.  I dunno, I didn't ask around.

I know this Winter has really only just started but I am wondering if I'm managing it a bit better (or if I should not have potentially jinxed things by saying that) because there's the potential of only so many more time change long long dark times left?  It might not happen soon, but it's more likely that it will happen than not... I hope?  And maybe that potential thought is making the shorter days a bit easier?  Or is it just my imagination?

I'm also maybe a bit more sensitive to the light in the dark and that's not a metaphor, I mean that on some early mornings I've actually been more able to see light outside than I've ever remembered before.... Maybe it's light pollution?  Maybe it's me waking up just a tiny bit later? Maybe it's the lights in the parking area or something, I don't know.  Maybe it's having a bit more control of my mornings and, well, let's not get far into that right now if you don't mind.

So it's Monday, and back to it all and break over and holidays over and I assume we'll keep running towards Spring without even noticing.  I'm wondering how mild our Winter here is going to be... and maybe by saying that I summon a cold spell, who knows!

Anyway.  I hope you're well and you got some rest and aren't feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday time. 

Happy Twenty Twenty... Two Thousand and Twenty?  Happy Two Oh Two Oh. 

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