Friday, 28 February 2020


Ok, so I've met my next boyfriend.  It just happened to be in a dream, so I just have to figure out how to replicate the dream, right?


So, in the dream, I went over to C-Dawg's house even though she was at work (it wasn't her actual house).  She had one of those camera doorbells (she doesn't) and so I made funny faces at the doorbell and was leaving.  I stopped at the little display she has (she doesn't) because she'd left a note for me that said "here, have a candy cane" and so as I was taking out the candy cane this car full of people came down the driveway.

They all jumped out very loud and rambunctious and kind of tried to pretend kidnap me but they thought I was C-Dawg so I had to explain that I wasn't but that if they were playing this fun joke (someone had hired them to do this hilarious thing, like an escape room or something I dunno!) they could wait til she got home.

One of them said he'd wait with me and he was this cute slightly red headed guy and he had a nice smile and all that and so we walked down to the food carts (there aren't any) and we were chatting away and it was really nice and he seemed a little nervous but he asked me if I'd maybe like to go out sometime and I said I totally would!  And then I found paper and pen in my purse (I do have that!) and I wrote out my phone number (for calling) and my cell phone (for texting) and then I sort of half woke up but he seemed like a really nice guy and we really got along well and, well, yay!

So, yeah... just kind of have to make a whole lot of things that aren't actually things happen so I can meet this guy!  Ta da!