Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Obligatory I AM NOT A DOCTOR so don't listen to me.... but it seems I kind of bought into the current virus frenzy.

I heard from a friend in Hong Kong that their stores ran low on toilet paper and then I heard this weekend that a big box store here was low and so I looked at my supply of t.p. and while it wasn't terribly low.... I went and bought some anyway!  I mean, it was on sale so no harm no foul but I actually started laughing at the check out because the man in front of me was buying two packs and several packages of wet ones ("antibacterial" wipes) and the lady behind me was buying several packs of toilet paper and when I mentioned it to my brother he said "ewwww, does the virus come with gastrointestinal stuff too?"  Nope!  I guess it's just people concerned about getting quarantined and running out of toilet paper?  I legit don't know!

I mean, this is kind of an icky thing to say but if you ran out of t.p. .... um, there are other ways to deal with... things?  Maybe not as easy or normal but still!

Annnnyway.... again, I don't want to downplay anything because I'm not an expert and I'd hate to laugh it off and be wrong, but, I also wasn't on social media the last few times we've had this kind of an illness so I have no idea if this .... reaction (dare I say hype?) is unusual or what?

I'll end by saying I hope we all stay well, from all the things that could get us sick at this (and all other) time(s) of year. 

So, yeah... I'm good for toilet paper for a while, um, yay?

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