Wednesday, 22 April 2020


Well I finally managed to turn down/off the radiators in my place!  Phew!

We don't have much control over the heat here, although they include "heat and hot water" in the rent.  *shrug*  So I assume the boiler heat is adjusted seasonally (although I'm really just guessing) and, well my place has been kind of icky hot.

Yes, it's warmer these days (and lighter longer too YAY!) but I'm talking 24 C. at night.... and it's only *just* Spring.

Now, you know how things are generally "righty tighty, lefty loosy" and so usually to turn something off you turn it to the "right".  Except my main room radiator the screw/dial/knob (?) thing is... either sideways or backwards or I'm not even sure how to describe it other than to turn it off I have to bend my arm and hand in a weird way.

So I thought I'd turned it the correct way but it was still putting out some heat.  Not a lot.  But enough to drive the temperature up even with my windows open.

I wondered if they hadn't adjusted the boiler or if I'd just made that up completely and I thought before I sent them a message about it I'd try one last experiment.  So... I girded my loins for potential heat overload and I turned the radiator ALL the way the OTHER way.  And CUE ANGELS SINGING the darn thing turned off and now my place is cool again YAY!

So I made a note on my calendar for myself for next Spring that to turn off this radiator I have to turn it to MY left (when facing the thing) and hopefully that will make sense next year.  And stuff.

Now I'm just confused as to my other radiators where the dial/knob/thing is "normal" but feels ... wrong.  Sigh.  I dunno.  Old buildings man, I tells ya!

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